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The New York Times

The ubiquity of corporate organizational tools means how we manage our work and private time often doesn’t look that different. Is that bad?

At the second annual 90s Con, aging millennials traveled from across the United States to connect with the stars of their youth.

The Füde Dinner Experience gathers those who want to meet, eat and drink — only after leaving their clothes at the door.

The When We Were Young festival in Las Vegas brought emo fans from all over the world to one destination. But when weather got in the way, they mourned together.

Just a girl looking for love in the metaverse.

Olivia Jean married the celebrated musician Jack White mid-performance, but she has a plan all her own.

For outfits that call for more than your typical undergarments, there’s tape.

Ilios joins a constellation of apps that cater to the astrologically curious.

The Washington Post

Plastic surgery used to be hush-hush. Now it’s good content.


From the medieval trappings of his Texas mansion to his raw organ-meat diet, the TikTok star and supplement magnate promotes living like a caveman in all aspects of life.

The idea, supposedly, is deeper sleep, fresher breath, more energy—and it could even save your marriage.

Texas Monthly

Inside the $43 million University Park mega-mansion a couple is building on spec.

Blake Russell, president of ViaGen Pets & Equine, shows us around his very unusual horse farm.

Adriene Mishler’s blue heeler, Benji, is one of the most famous canines in the country, but he hasn’t let it go to his sweet, soft little head.

A turf war disturbs the peace in Port Aransas.

Fighters in one of the state’s newest sumo clubs, in Dallas, want the sport to keep growing—without losing the traditions that define it.


The writer and host of the popular podcast Maintenance Phase has gained an audience by debunking health and wellness myths with a sense of humor.

Yes, we ask about Bennifer.

Who cares? If the answer isn’t, “I care about this thing, and I care about it a lot,” why are you doing it?

New York Magazine

It was a beloved chain, known for its accessibility and acceptance. But ex-employees say it felt more like a cult.

The co-creator of Shrill on life after the internet.

Catherine Cohen wants a lot.

And the actress is feeling the pressure of being seen.

Other places

On the 60th anniversary of John Steinbeck's Travels with Charley, a new Texan travels across the state with a poodle of her own.

Tribute bands like DeadEye, HeartByrne, and Bidi Bidi Banda are playing the greatest hits to some of the biggest audiences in town.

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